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Gender Pay Reporting

Begbies Traynor Group plc considers itself to be an equal opportunities employer.  The policy of the group is to recruit, promote, train and develop its people by reference to their skills, abilities and other attributes of value to their role in the business.

Under legislation, which came into force in April 2017, UK employers with in excess of 250 employees are required to publish their gender pay gap.

Our numbers

The group has two legal entities with at least 250 employees: Begbies Traynor Limited and Eddisons Commercial Limited. This year more progress has been made in Begbies Traynor Group. We have decreased the mean gender pay gap by 3.2% since the previous report with a pay gap of 21.2%. In addition, we continue to see the percentage of women in senior roles increase from 40.7% (2021), 46.4% (2022) and 51.5% in 2023.

Begbies Traynor Group has seen a large increase in the median bonus pay gap to 70%, this is in part due to the fact that less people (male and female) received a bonus in 2023. In 2022 more bonuses were paid and more males received smaller bonuses than in 2023, meaning the overall spread of bonus payments was smaller, impacting the gap. Larger bonuses in 2023 were paid to high performing individuals, the majority of who were male.


The MEAN gender pay gap shows the difference in the average hourly rate of pay between all men and all women in the company.

The MEDIAN gender pay gap compares the midpoint of all male pay within the organisation with the midpoint of all female pay with the organisation

*Figures are calculated based on hourly rates of pay as at 5 April 2023

Begbies Traynor Limited

Gender pay gap21.1%24.4%23.9%25.0%24.3%30.0%
Bonus pay gap49.4%36.0%52.5% 70%33.3%60.0%

Proportion of males and females receiving a bonus payment











Gender pay statistics compare the mean and median rates of pay between men and women in an organisation. Different jobs are paid at different levels, and a gender pay gap exists where there is a difference in the number of men and women performing particular jobs at different levels and being paid accordingly. It’s important to differentiate this and equal pay, which ensures equal pay for those carrying out equivalent jobs. Rather, the difference in the numbers you see reflects a gender imbalance at senior level.

Upper middle48.5%53.6%59.3%51.5%46.4%40.7%
Lower middle33.6%34.9%31.0%66.4%65.1%69.0%

We are pleased with the steady progress made in the gender pay gap for Begbies Traynor Limited. We are confident that we have pay parity in each of our pay grades across males and females. This is reinforced by also launching our Pay Principles ethos when considering pay reviews to ensure that fairness and consistency are at the heart of the decision-making process.

As the group continues to grow and invest we are making thoughtful enhancements to key lifestyle policies such as, extending the pay periods for maternity, paternity and adoption leave, as well as introducing hybrid and flexible working policies.

I confirm that the gender pay gap calculations are accurate and meet the requirements of the regulations. 

Ric Traynor
Executive Chairman

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